Broken Halo

by Broken Halo

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Broken Halo's debut album was recorded at Winnipeg's Studio 11 over the span of three years, from 2004 to 2007. This is a collection of songs that represents our earliest songwriting efforts (Tables Have Turned), songs that began as jokes and became epic (Gagged and Bound) and songs about love, life, heartbreak and sometimes, nothing at all. But songs that, all the same, are part of who Broken Halo was as a band during our formative years.


released August 16, 2007

Produced by Jason Gordon at Studio 11 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Doug McArthur - Vocals
Jared Daniels - Guitars
Kyle Patterson - Drums
Dan Poperechny - Bass on tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 & 9
Mark Gomulinski - Bass on tracks 4, 6, 7, 10 & 11


all rights reserved



Broken Halo Winnipeg, Manitoba

BROKEN HALO formed in 2002, in the bedrooms and basements of its founders. What began as a songwriting project quickly grew legs. The band has played alongside Sum 41, Evanescence, ZZ Top, Pilate, The Trews, The Tea Party, Hawksley Workman and more. The band’s strength lies in their creative writing, masterful blues and funk influenced guitar work, strong vocals and tight rhythm section. ... more

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Track Name: This Is How It Goes
you were in my flow
the only place i'd go
when i was waiting for the sock to drop
soon we'd get to know
the feeling of our glow
and the magic effect of our sweat

and then you'd say
you're a part of me
but i have to leave

you make it hard to breathe....but

this is how it goes
when you go
from the centre of my life

this is how it goes
and you know
you're the centre of my life

and don't you know
when you go,
all is lost
you broke the centre of my life

we don't have much time
so say what's on your mind
and i will promise everything is fine
send you on your way,
prepare you for the fray
as much as i could anyway
Track Name: Consequence
the strangest day just came and went
and all that's left to say is apologies
and then you leave

your trust in me dug in so deep
that no one else could ever comprehend
why you fought it till the end

you, you're down and out
lesson learned
you suffer the consequence

and reap what you sow
you're going further than you'll ever know

so don't back down
that's no hero's way to go
don't disconnect yourself from the world
and suffer your own obscurity

you suffer the consequence
of knowing all along that no one's ever been as strong
as you and I when we collide
the cycle goes around again
you wind yourself back up
only to see your history repeat
Track Name: Skipping Life
a palm tree, the sunset
the bright lights
show me anything
that takes me away

cause outside it's cold and it's dreary
no better time to escape in my mind

so come on on this journey
bring all your friends, we're leaving now
and don't give me an excuse
cause I don't wanna hear it
we're skipping life
we're finding paradise

the warm sun, tequila
and my best friend
are all I need, so take me away
cause I know that someday
we'll find it
that paradise inside of our minds

and through all this life we try to find
a way to combine what's real and a dream
so come on, let's try and you will see
yeah, you will see

that this life is a journey...
Track Name: Gagged and Bound
I sold my soul yesterday
I thought I got an even trade
Looking back I find that
I don't know yeah, I don't know yeah

Men in white took me away
So here in solitary I stay
A superficial phony with
Nothing to say, nothing to say..

The one inspired moment I had
The two contrived meanings in hand
The one who never let you down
Has now become gagged and bound
The violet sky in rewind
Horizons crash and then combine
The sun that always shone you've found
Is now engulfed by darkest cloud

So what's for anyway?
When my intentions were so plain
I never meant to see them fall so far down, far down yeah
And looking back is fruitless
When I can't change anything
Track Name: Hard As You Try
you should try to calm yourself
forget about all the things you think you know

why won't you live like you know you want to?
everyone's got bigger plans but

you, you'll never learn
as hard as you try

space and time won't bend for you
and all you own won't save you when you're really alone

why won't you live like there's no tomorrow?
action will surely stir up reaction

you should try to calm yourself
forget about all the things you think you know

why won't you live like you know you want to?
action will surely stir up reaction
you brought this on yourself
Track Name: Gone
I won't be the sunshine after the rain
I don't think I'll bend to play your game
Cause every time you fall you feel the same
and I don't think that this will ever change

and I will be the calm before the storm
won't be the one who's left alone
all of this desire has got me stoned
with all of the things I could never know

and I, I waited in line for you
and I, I shuffled my feet

I don't wanna focus on what's been said
I always knew exactly what you meant
Even with the fog around your head
Sooner or later I'll understand

and I will be the tide about to turn
won't be the fuel that's yours to burn
all of this passion has left me high
and the road to knowledge is open wide

and I, I waited in line for you
and I, I shuffled my feet
scratched my head
and cursed my all
and now, I'm gone
Track Name: Circles
take what you can get
while you can
cause you don't have much time

let your wallet be your witness
to all that you can grip
cause it's all you know

it's so unfair
cause you don't care
and you've got the fate of the nation in your hands
and you're running around in circles on fire

take your time that's left
and run up on a flagpole
to see what you can see
never underestimate the power in your hands
cause it's all that you might be

and you'll back down if you know what's good for you
and you'll back down if you wanna survive
they'll never take it, they'll never let you in
Track Name: Shadows
shadows in my head
they're crawling over me
numbing all I feel
then out of my closet
crawls a skeleton
reminds me what I've done

won't you tell me why
I'm wasting all my precious time
hitting the sky
when all it ever does is bring me down

I threw out all I own, began to own me
and living should be free
If nothing is all I'll be, I'll let it cover me
and see the forest for the trees

there's always something dragging me down
always something dragging me down
Track Name: Walk or Run
Every day I wake up late
and there's a sign over my head
saying I'm an alien, why me?

the sun was gone, the moon was full
and all the stars laughed in my face
and I was strange

I cannot be saved
So walk or run now baby
You chewed me up and spit me out
I'm feeling insane
No drug can cure me honey
You turned me on, you turned me inside out

Every time I try to move
There's an anchor on my soul
Weighing down and down and down
and every crack in the pavement
might swallow me up whole, I might succomb

Nothing works in my head
My gears aren't turning
So I try to hold on, to stay calm
To stay calm
Track Name: Tables Have Turned
I don't know where you've been sleeping
and you can't tell me we're not weakened
and you kinda tend to get into trouble
you don't know what you do to me

I don't know where you been staying
and you can't tell me you're not playing
and you kinda tend to get into trouble
you don't know what you do to me

it's not fair
but it's okay
it seems the tables have turned since you've gone away

I don't know what you've been saying
behind my back you've been slaying
all the kind words that I said
you don't know what you do to me

you kinda tend to get into trouble
and you kinda tend to bend the wrong
you can't know how this feels to me
you don't know what you do to me

a secret antidote
to your heart venom
is laying in my hands
the choice is mine
to be dead or alive
Track Name: Fate
fate smiled on me today
took my hand, took me away
and fate smiled on us today
washed the air and held the fray

we tried to listen to his voice
and turn the gears inside our heads

so weak
unmatched in love
funny how we get that way
so lost
well I turn my heels and I walk right in
to a life so full what might have been without
scares me

fate called on me today
I heard my name, I heard you say
the world's so strange this day and age
truest love so hard to gauge

we tried to listen to his voice
and turn the years back in our heads
Track Name: For All You Know
living on the edge
promising myself to stay true
knowing in the end
depending on a friend to save me and you
there was a time that i believed in destiny
i ditched that theory but you're still reading my leaves
even if you think you know how it ends

for all you know the sky could fall down on you
you better be prepared for what's to come

looking for a friend someone to
explain why we're so frail
leaning on a crutch
afraid to let it go and stand on your own
and when your time comes where will we find you?
facing the music or hiding from the truth

for all you know the sky could fall down on you
you better be prepared for what's to come
for all you know your eyes could lie
you better be prepared to lose it all

the sky could fall,
your eyes could lie,
you'll never really know till your world explodes...